Stop the Steal, a Baby is a Person, and COVID

“The election was stolen” is a lie.

Why do I press in on this? Why cause a stink over something so divisive?

What does that have to do with human life?

Well, the veracity of anything a person says is built on their personal and public credibility. The core political issue amongst American Evangelicals for some time is simple: abortion. A good number of pastors, public thinkers, and parishioners describe themselves as “single issue voters,” meaning people beholden to the one issue of abortion.

Why discuss this now?

Two reasons:

  1. Conservative Christians are going to be under enormous pressure to vote for Republicans at every level, perhaps more so than ever, because of the Democratic Party’s leftward shift and the likelihood that Roe and Casey (the Supreme Court cases protecting abortion) are overturned. If you thought the political noise was wild in 2016 or 2020, just you wait! Churches are already under enormous pressure to participate in politics one way or another. You are going to see more please draped in Christian language from Christian groups right in your inbox, on TV, and in church.
  2. Conservative Christians can decide right now the kind of Republican they would support, if they have that political bent. Right now you can say, “I will not vote for a liar. I will not support ‘stop the steal.’” You can become registered as a Republican in order to vote in Republican primaries against Trump-supporting Republican candidates. You can fight, right now, against lies.

What does this have to do with COVID?

The idea of a lie told for the greater good seems to have infected our public health and politicians lately, and it is driving me up the wall.

  1. People paralyzed of the thought that their young children will die of a disease that has a very low morbidity rate for that age. So their kids are stuck inside and are suffering severe mental health problems.
  2. People who judge others depending on masking or not masking, to the point of mockery, disfellowship, castigation, and anger.
  3. People who believe the disease is a hoax perpetrated on humanity to spread government control.
  4. Elderly people refusing the vaccine or booster and needlessly dying.
  5. People losing work, suffering depression, and even committing suicide because of the breakdown of their normal socialization at work when more freedom would’ve given them life.
  6. People so afraid of this disease that they have eschewed meeting with family and friends, wear two masks everywhere despite being boosted, and refuse to interact socially or eat with anyone else.
  7. Churches which have ignored any guidelines, churches that have closed because of fights over the best steps to prevent spread, and churches that have seen several, even dozens of people die from the disease.

We need the truth.

Whatever it is, however it does or does not comport with our political persuasions, however uncomfortable it may make us feel, however much it may expose the lies of our chosen media, we need the truth!

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

The political church will lose any sense of credibility. A church wed to lies — which accepts “stop the steal” as a mantra — is as bereft of truth as a church which proclaims a baby is not human life. We lovers of the truth must cling to the truth, however inconvenient, however much it may put us out of the main in either political party.



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