Inconvenient, Miserable Truth

Dominion-isms and Defeat

A swarthy lie arose after the election surrounded Dominion voting machines. People made up all sorts of insanity about a plot to steal the election in connection with Venezuela and who knows what else.

Jacob Blake, Wanted Criminal

My first response to the Jacob Blake shooting was abject horror followed swiftly by anger. The short video clip flying around the internet seemed to show an unarmed man shot in the back at point blank range. The violence seemed senseless.

Impotent Frustrations

The Dominion facts and the murky waters around the Blake shooting require us to reconsider our snap judgements. Nothing has come of the violence which spilled over Kenosha. The Dominion lies whipped up a vengeful mob and a police officer died at their hands. The only winner was the media whose viewership skyrocketed and the gun salesmen who are quite happy you think the world has gone mad.

Confronting the Convenient Bad Report

Remember this: the media exists to make a profit, unless it explicitly states otherwise. Even then, non-profit media usually have an angle or goal in mind. The commentators in and editorialists in media companies are the most honest in their approach, but most dishonest in their presentation of the news. They are not there to give you news, but to push you to an outcome. They need you to watch and to act according to their desires. These are the Carlsons, Hannitys, Maddows, and more of the world.

  1. Who wants me to see this?
  2. What does that person/company want from me?
  3. What can I or should I do about this (before anyone else tells me what to do about it)?



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